Customer satisfaction has always been the top priority at YOUNG. We have capabilities to provide unique, individualized, high quality solutions to every customers’ design challenges. We offer a full range of optional features and accessories in our windows’ components. Window shapes, corners, glazing, glass, finish, locks, screens and installations can all be customized to meet all of your specifications. Never yet has anyone given us an assignment which we couldn’t meet or a problem which we couldn’t solve.

Our prototyping department constructs and tests prototype models for all windows. Our manufacturing division is one of the most well-equipped with CNC machining, single and dual head robotic machining centers and robotic welders and glazing systems in the business. All of this enables us to meet virtually any and all design demands you might have.


CNC Bending Machines

  • Fully programmable for distance and angles.
  • Multi radius capability along with variable radius option.
  • Fully automatic cycle- load and bend
  • High accuracy and repeatability

CNC Machining Centers

  • Multi axis machining capability allow us to machine 300 degree around the part
  • Automatic tool changer with twenty tool capacity
  • Two zone operating cycle allow us to load part while continuing machining in other zone.

Robotic Machining Centers

  • Six axis robotic arms allow 360 degree machining capability.
  • Turn table style part holding capability allow loading of parts while machining
  • Automatic tool changer with ten tool capacity
  • Shorter cycle times due to high speed movements

Robotic Welding

  • Higher speed welding
  • Uniform welds
  • Shorter cycle times due to high speed movements
  • Turn table style part holding capability allow loading of parts while welding.

Manual Welding

  • Experienced AWS certified welders
  • Capable of making intricate welds

Double Chop Saw

  • Programmable cut length for better consistency through production batches
  • Two cutting heads can be set accurately to any desired angle

CNC Glazing Tables

  • Three axis CNC control
  • Program any geometric shape
  • Continuous uniform application of adhesive/sealant
  • Faster cycle times for large batches
  • Precise bead size control


Young Windows Inc. is a "Custom engineered products company." Our engineering team and the services we provide are second to none. Decades of combined experience, along with an in-depth knowledge of the market segments we serve, yields long lasting successful relationship with our customers.
During the design and development phase, we generate advanced 3D models using pro/ENGINEER. This helps our customers in visualizing the impact of our window designs on their vehicle aesthetics. It also helps us create and control matching and fully detailed drawings for our manufacturing process.

Once a project enters the manufacturing phase, our engineering team stays engaged all through out prototype and production process, ensuring that finished product meets your stringent specifications and high quality standards.


Our facilities are fully ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2005. Along with attaining this benchmark of consistency, our team includes dedicated quality assurance experts. Our manufacturing processes are constantly undergoing revaluation to not only maintain the high standards of quality that we are known for but to continue to improve upon them.

Full array of in-house manufacturing capabilities, some of which are highlighted here, along with uncompromising efforts of our dedicated staff ensures on-time delivery of top quality products to our customers.

We are a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that designs and manufactures any type of Aluminum window assemblies for Off-Highway and On-Highway vehicles. We have been Serving Construction, Forestry, Fire engine, Mass transit, Specialty vehicle and Military vehicle markets for more than half a century.

Certification of Product

  • CMM measuring capability allows us to maintain control over product quality and certification standards.
  • Comparator allows us to ensure detailed component conformance to design specifications.
  • Go No-Go gauges for ensuring product conformance to customer specifications.
  • Water spray testing is done as a validation for weather resistance to meet customer requirements.
  • All hardware components are manufactured to meet and exceed harsh performance requirements of markets we serve.