We are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that designs and manufactures any type of aluminum window assemblies for off-highway and on-highway vehicles. We have been serving construction, forestry, fire engine, mass transit, specialty and military vehicle markets for more than half a century.


Young Windows, Inc. can design and manufacture construction windows in virtually any size and shape you can imagine for heavy duty off-highway vehicles. We offer opposing slope, single slope, parallel slope, rack and ratchet half-drop and rectangular windows with 2 to 4 contact seals and filler rubber to minimize accumulated debris.


YOUNGS’ transit windows come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and applications for railcars, locomotives and buses. All transit windows have safety glazing for protection and noise cessation, they are custom designed to meet all specifications, fit perfectly and install quickly, components are easily serviceable and all windows have lightweight but extremely durable framing. You cannot find a better transit window.


Young Windows, Inc. designs and manufactures windows in virtually any size and shape you can imagine for all types of emergency vehicles including fire trucks, ambulances, trailers, truck cabs and vans. All windows are designed with common components with 2 or 3 contact seals and be installed with ease.


Since 1950, Young Windows, Inc. has met the challenge of supplying specialized custom designed aluminum windows to meet global demands. We supply OEM and aftermarket windows which are engineered for specific applications with the best available materials and are custom built for optimum quality, performance, reliability and value.